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Build Trust

Quality talent has always been in high demand. And they are very selective. Engaging and getting them on board has become increasingly tough in a competitive talent market.

Right from your first contact with every candidate till you hire, Expertite ensures your organization’s story and updates are communicated in a seamless, personal and efficient manner and the recruiting team can manage candidate interactions with just a click.

Accelerate Hiring

Engage with candidates from multiple channels - your Career site, Social Media, Referrals & Vendors, quickly moving them from ‘hello’ to ‘hire’.

Eliminate repetitive back-end tasks such as emails, follow-ups, data entry etc. through automated workflows, evaluation reminders and a single, dynamic interface to help the recruiting team spend more time to create, collaborate, manage and harvest the talent pool.

Reduce Uncertainty

Recruitment is full of uncertainties. From ascertaining a candidate’s interest to attending an interview to accepting an offer to joining, there are twists & turns at every stage.

Expertite empowers your team with data-driven insights and analytics on candidates to help them build relationships with candidates at every stage, keep candidates engaged with thoughtful automated updates as well as proactively build a diverse talent pipeline.

Go Wallet Friendly

Hiring managers have so many responsibilities that squeezing out time is tough. We understand that. So we designed Expertite to help them hire new employees easily without requiring them to log into the platform for taking any action or providing their valuable inputs.

Even better, you don’t have to pay for them also. Just enroll your core recruitment & HR team as users and you are all set.


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