Product Features

Seamless Integration

Source candidates from your Website, Social Media, Employee Referrals & Vendors

Career page for posting jobs on website

Your Career Site

Create a candidate - friendly mobile - optimised career site in two minutes to advertise your employer brand and jobs to applicants.

Post jobs on Social Media such as LinkedIn and Facebook

Social Media

Share your jobs on Social Media such as Facebook & LinkedIn from within Expertite with a single click and spread news of your jobs far and wide.

Increase employee referrals with or without employee referral bonus

Employee Referrals

Inspire your employees to refer their contacts for your jobs. Use referral bonus if required. Employee referral through Expertite reduces irrelevant profiles.

Manage Staffing firms and consultancy for recruitment support

Staffing Firms / Vendors

Assign jobs to your vendors effortlessly. Manage the process seamlessly in real time and communicate within the app. And yes, no more duplication issues.

Make it easy for candidates to apply for jobs

Job Applicants

As candidates apply from your Career Site, Social Media, Employee Referrals and Vendors, Expertite automatically channels them into your respective jobs.

Build Talent Pipeline for future hiring needs

Talent Pipeline

Screen job applicants, start conversations and ease them into your hiring flow or save them for a future role if they are not relevant for an immediate role.

Make the best job offer to candidates

Manage Offers

Make and manage offers, take approvals if required for compliance and record candidate decisions. Configure offer fields and import your offer letters as templates.

Keep data secure by using SSL

Keep your Data secure

Expertite keeps your data secure by using SSL which provides encryption for sensitive data in transit and authentication using SSL certificates.

End-To-End Platform

Stay in total control - from sourcing to scheduling to making offers

Advanced Reports

Take better decisions with advanced reporting & analytics

Get complete overview of recruitment process

Cover Every Angle

Get complete overview of your recruitment process - time to hire, cost per hire, candidate metrics, source mix, interview metrics and conversion rates.

Spot opportunities in recruiting process

Expose bottlenecks

Dive deep into your hiring strategy by going behind the scenes. Spot inefficiencies and opportunities hidden within your recruiting process.

Use data to optimize recruiting process

Get Actionable Insights

Transform how you hire by using data to tweak your recruiting process, optimize your recruiting spend and shorten the time from apply to hire.

Create strategy to improve candidate joining rates

Improve Joining rates

Based on data on where your candidates' are dropping out at different stages, understand why, strategize and improve your joining rates.

Organize all conversations across team members in one place

Organize Conversations

Instead of juggling between multiple emails and phone calls to get something done, organize all your conversations across team members in one place.

Add speed to hiring with the entire team working together

Productive Teamwork

Collaborate on everything from new requisitions to job descriptions to CV reviews to privately discussing salaries to offer letters for prospective candidates.

Real-time Collaboration

Bring your recruitment tool and teams to work together

Get every stakeholder for recruitment together

Shared Groups

Work as closely with your external partners as you do with your own teams with shared Groups which brings every relevant stakeholder together.

Reduce time to hire with reminders for critical tasks

Automated & Assigned Tasks

Speed up your hiring process and reach recruiting milestones faster by focusing on critical tasks that streamline your hiring pipeline for every open position.

Smart Requisitions

Request a hire, say why it is needed and get going, in a jiffy

Create job requisitions easily for both new and replacement positions

Easy to use Requisition Templates

Create multiple requisition templates for different levels within your organization, pre-set the number of approvals required and fields which you want to use.

Get approval for job requisitions

Automated Approval Workflow

Simply create positions using the requisition templates - Expertite automatically takes care of the workflow for requisition approvals based on pre-approved rights.

Communicate our employer brand to every candidate

Impactful Conversations

Right from your first contact with every candidate till you hire, Expertite ensures your organization’s story is communicated in a seamless and personal manner.

Build relationships with candidates during the hiring process

Build Relationships

Stacked with engaging templates and pre-defined responses, Expertite helps you build relationships with candidates as they progress through the hiring process.

Employer Branding

Deliver a unified candidate experience with personalized communication

Candidate Engagement

Track how your candidates are engaged with you in real - time

Track candidate engagement in real time

Reduce Anxiety

Get real time visibility of your candidates' engagement - when your candidates view your JD, visit your website, are interested, view interview schedule etc.

Personalize candidate engagement to deliver better candidate experience

Personalize candidate engagement

Plan & personalize the engagement with each candidate at different stages of the recruitment process for a job with 100% confidence.

Reduce candidate dropout and improve recruitment predictability

Improve Predictability

Reduce uncertainty regarding filling an open position by understanding the level of your candidates' interest based on your candidates' engagement at every stage.

Use data to close open positions faster

Close Positions Faster

Experience how your recruiting process speeds up when you deeply understand your candidates' interest in your jobs based on real - time engagement data.

Eliminate repetitive activities

Free-up your time

Manage candidate interactions without a click - Expertite automatically updates your candidates and intelligently reminds them to take actions if and when required.

Manage candidate engagement easily with automated notifications

Automated Notifications

Updating candidate trackers / spreadsheets, reminding hiring managers & interviewers for their feedback etc. are a thing of the past with automated notifications.

Intelligent Automation

Eliminate your manual, repetitive back-end activities

Intuitive Design

Get started immediately with a very user-friendly design

Easily get information about open positions and candidates

Centralized Dashboards

See everything you need about your jobs, candidates and their resume, interaction history, interview feedback, notes etc. without clicking around for details.

Get started within minutes without formal training

Get up and running fast

Sign-Up and get started within 10 minutes without formal training. Experience the ease-of-use of a consumer app in an enterprise grade platform.

Customize your process for all hiring requirements

Infinitely customizable

Expertite is built on the principle that every company's process is unique. Customize anything and everything for your specific hiring needs.

Manage recruitment without harming the environment

Go 100% Paperless

Keep your whole team moving through the recruiting process efficiently and effectively without having to write notes while managing their recruitment tasks.

Complete collaboration with all hiring managers

No Sign-up / Log-In for Hiring Managers

Hiring managers are busy people. Expertite doesn't need them to sign-up or log-in for taking any action or providing their valuable inputs with contextual web actions.

Very high value for money

Pay Less for More

Even better, you don’t have to pay for your hiring managers. Just enroll your core recruitment & HR team as users and you are all set.

Practical & Wallet Friendly

Ensure 100% collaboration with all your hiring managers without the cost

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